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Palm Cards - Item #02-36000

Political Palm Cards:
Your First Step In Getting Your Name Out To Voters

The success of a political campaign begins with being known.  The voters must know who the candidate is and how there's a connection.  There are various methods to increase name recognition in the public.  The connection grows from the understanding of where the candidate stands with the voter on the important issues.  It's a relationship built on trust, and this trust may only have a few moments to be built.  The candidate must create a way to build this relationship with the public quickly, and successfully.

The fastest way to gain name recognition when you meet someone is by giving them a palm card.  The idea of using palm cards, presents an opportunity to present the voter with several different bits of information about the candidate.  Palm cards are also known as push cards.

If the candidate hands the card directly to the voter, the face recognition is made immediately.  This will later connect the card to the memory of the candidate's face.  Palm cards also help make the connection by presenting a physical representation of the information the candidate wants to share.  This simple act of holding or seeing the object makes it more memorable to the person it was given to.  If there's any question about the candidate, palm cards allows an easy way to review the key points.  While reviewing these points, another connection is made.

Our full color palm cards are large enough not to get lost in a lady's purse, but still the perfect size for a gentlemen's pocket.  Our sizes start at 3" x 4" and go up to 4" x 9" depending the amount of information you'd like included.  We print on thick paper with glossy coating to show voters you're taking your political campaign seriously.
Your campaign logo with the name and office, along with a photo are necessary.  Contact information like your phone number, address, e-mail and website should be included on your palm card.  The front of the card should use effective, easy language written in such a way as to encourage the voter to turn it over to read more.  The back side can be the details which include a short biography, map of the district, or local landmarks.  Additional information can be added like the "Paid For By" line, a union label or social network address.  A professionally designed and informative card will convey the right message and gain name recognition. 

Palm cards are easy to carry around and get your campaign information into the hands of contacts and voters.  Every political campaign should start with palm cards.

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Product Specifications

14Pt. Stock Paper
Gloss Front/ Mat Back
Print Method
Sheetfed Digital
Base Color
Imprint Area Size
Full Bleed
Production Time
5-7 Days
Rush Available
Union Label
Other Specs
UV Coated Front
Select Your Style
Quantity 500 1,000 2,500 5,000 10,000 15,000
Full Color $79.55 $91.38 $147.83 $227.70 $432.13 $635.50
Quantity 500 1,000 2,500 5,000 10,000 15,000
Full Color - $169.00 $229.00 $319.00 $549.00 $749.00
Quantity 500 1,000 2,500 5,000 10,000 15,000
Full Color $247.80 $272.62 $475.79 $802.87 $1,590.89 $2,373.94

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What's a Palm Card?


A palm card, also known in some parts of the country as a push card, is a small piece of political campaign literature used by most candidates to introduce themselves.  A palm card usually has the campaign logo, picture of the candidate, contact information, district info and map, along with campaign website.  Typically, this is the first item candidates order in an effort to build support and let people know they're running.  Since this is a piece used very early, it's not necessary to put your political positions on the palm card.  You'll have other places to do that in your campaign.

Q. What is Sheetfed Digital printing?


Digital Printing is used on our Full Color option for signs. It is more pixelized and precise with images. This is the same concept of a home or office digital printer, but ours are the size of a small bus!

We can use digital printing to do full color signs, which includes digital photos of the candidate!

Q. What is UV coating?


A liquid coating applied to the printed piece, which is then bonded and cured with ultraviolet light. This coating is used to provide a protective coating to the printed image. Please note you CAN NOT write or imprint on a uv coated jobs.

Q. Can I write on palm cards, since they have a UV coating?

A.For palm cards, we only UV coat one side. This allows you to write notes on the back side, or even an address if you need to mail a few to voters.

Q. What is the Union Label?


We are a Union Shop, and like all unions we are proud of the work we complete! A small "Union Bug" is printed on all printed material that we produce (unless otherwise requested), but don't worry it won't be intrusive on your design. It identifies your signs as union made! 

Q. Do I need the Union Label on my palm cards?


Did you or the candidate you are order for receive Union Dollars in contributions? Does the candidate support or receive an endorsement by unions?

If yes, then we would recommend Yes, you should have it. It helps to show your support for the people that supported you.

But be aware! If a shop says they have a Union Label or Bug "Available," this usually means they are renting the Label and are not an actual Union Shop!

Q. Is the listed production time, when I will receive my palm cards at my house?


Unfortunately, No. The production time actually starts when we receive your approved artwork. Artwork is approved at your convenience - But the faster we get this, the faster you get signs! After approval, the production time begins. Most of the time we can beat or deadline, but we are never late! After production, you still have the standard ship/transport time - This will vary based on your location from us.

Q. How will my products by shipped to me?


Our standard shipping method is UPS ground, and we deliver to your home or office.  If you order multiple products from us, don't worry if they don't all arrive at the same time. In some situations, products need to be packed and shipped separately. This helps cut down on any damage that may occur during shipping. It also reduces ship weight per box and in most cases, saves you money.

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