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Road Signs - Item #01-11006

Large political campaign signs are often called "Road Signs" and are great for visibility in large yards, business lots, fields and along busy roadways. No one will miss your large, bright, high quality road signs as they drive through town!
Some sizes are so large, many refer to them as our "Mini Billboards!" 
Our political road signs are made from high grade 4 mil. White Corrugated Plastic, and typically come print on the horizontal (unless otherwise specified). We offer 1, 2 and FULL color printing. 
Road Signs use steel fence posts, which can be purchased at any local hardware store. Due to the shipping weight and costs, posts are not sold through

Product Specifications

4mil. Corrugated Plastic
1, 2 or Full
Print Method
Screen Print or Digital
Base Color
Imprint Area Size
1" From All Edges
Production Time
10 Days
Rush Available
Frame Included
Other Specs
Horizontal Fluting
Union Label
Select Your Style
Quantity 10 25 50 100 250 500 1,000
1 Color $38.09 $19.24 $13.03 $8.75 $6.83 $6.53 $5.97
2 Color $63.13 $28.96 $17.66 $11.41 $8.25 $7.98 $7.56
Full Color - - - - - - -
Quantity 10 25 50 100 250 500 1,000
1 Color $43.99 $22.36 $15.86 $10.32 $8.05 $7.77 $7.41
2 Color $69.38 $34.82 $23.98 $15.69 $10.56 $10.09 $9.62
Full Color - - - - - - -
Quantity 10 25 50 100 250 500 1,000
1 Color $52.61 $26.69 $20.68 $14.26 $11.08 $10.58 $10.12
2 Color $78.91 $41.23 $29.27 $19.87 $14.59 $14.02 $13.55
Full Color - - - - - - -
Quantity 10 25 50 100 250 500 1,000
1 Color $56.23 $32.62 $24.55 $18.73 $15.93 $15.56 $15.09
2 Color $84.80 $47.10 $36.07 $24.01 $19.39 $19.01 $18.72
Full Color - - - - - - -
Quantity 10 25 50 100 250 500 1,000
1 Color $70.74 $42.88 $33.05 $24.34 $20.70 $19.10 $18.90
2 Color $103.39 $59.01 $45.70 $30.90 $24.19 $22.90 $20.96
Full Color - - - - - - -

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I order from if I'm not running for office?


Yes. We sell to everyone. Our business has been around and in the political world for over 50 years! But if you love our printing and want to order it for your business, we do corporate work too. Our history in political jobs has allowed us to set our prices at the lowest possible, and those prices apply to business print jobs as well!

Q. What is Screen Printing?


Screen Printing is the process in which we take your campaign artwork and through a chemical and light process, we burn that image onto a screen. Ink is then pressed through microscopic holes in the screen onto the substrate. From there the ink is allowed to dry.

Q. What is Digital Printing?


Digital Printing is used on our Full Color option for signs. It is more pixelized and precise with images. This is the same concept of a home or office digital printer, but ours are the size of a small bus!

We can use digital printing to do full color signs, which includes digital photos of the candidate!

Q. What is the Union Label?


We are a Union Shop, and like all unions we are proud of the work we complete! A small "Union Bug" is printed in the right corner of every sign that we produce (unless otherwise requested), but don't worry it won't be intrusive on your design. It identifies your signs as union made! 

Q. Do I need the Union Label on my Signs?


Did you or the candidate you are order for receive Union Dollars in contributions? Does the candidate support or receive an endorsement by unions?

If yes, then we would recommend Yes, you should have it. It helps to show your support for the people that supported you.

But be aware! If a shop says they have a Union Label or Bug "Available," this usually means they are renting the Label and are not an actual Union Shop!

Q. Is the listed production time, when I will receive my signs at my house?


Unfortunately, No. The production time actually starts when we receive your approved artwork. Artwork is approved at your convenience - But the faster we get this, the faster you get signs! After approval, the production time begins. Most of the time we can beat or deadline, but we are never late! After production, you still have the standard ship/transport time - This will vary based on your location from us.

Q. Is the white corrugated plastic in which my signs are printed on considered on of the colors I pay for?


The white substrate is not one of the colors in your printing process. This means if you order a 1 Color Sign, you will receive a white sign with the color you choose printed over that. A 2 Color Sign will appear that it actually has three colors - Your two colors chosen and the white substrate.

Q. How many Road Signs should I order?


Road Signs do not take the place of the traditional yard sign, but are a component that a candidate can add to a visibility campaign. Road Signs come in a variety of sizes, all the way up to 4’ x 8’ – that’s why some people refer to them as “mini billboards.”

Most races that are interested in or require Road Signs order 25-30, one sided signs. When installed, typically this is done by putting two signs back to back with two metal fence posts between them. This method gives the signs the best visibility and makes the print easy to read – would also give you about 15 locations when complete. 

Still not sure? Don’t worry. Call our sales team and they can help you decide!

Q. Are road signs reusable?


Definitely! If your volunteers and passersby’s are good to your signs, then they can be used at all your events and places. When you relocate or remove your signs, don’t forget the posts – those can be reused as well!

Another Fact – if you notice your road signs disappearing check with the city or county road department in your area. You may have accidently placed them on public property or have been obstruction the vision of traffic. Typically they are more than happy to return your signs to you.

Q. What is the best way to install Road Signs?


For best results and the easiest installation of Road Signs, you may need the following items: 2 people, metal “garden” fence posts, a post-pounder, a screw driver (preferably Philips head), and zip ties.

First, go to your hardware store and purchase those green metal fence posts that can easily be driven into the ground. Sometimes installing the metal posts requires the use of a “post-pounder”, but ask around before you buy one! Many times your volunteers or friends will have one you can borrow. The fence posts should run you from $2.50 - $5.00 per piece. And remember, you will need at least 2 posts per sign location!

The next step requires 2 people, at least 4 zip ties and a screw driver – for best results. After the posts are in the ground at your location, hold the sign up to the fence post. You will then take your screw driver and pierce through the sign on both side of the post and as close to them as you can. Next, run your zip ties through the holes and secure your sign into place. Repeat this step in three additional locations in order to secure your signs properly!

Just make sure you install the signs on private property, otherwise city and county maintenance may steal them!

Q. Does sell the metal fence posts for road signs?


Sorry we don’t. We have had many requests to carry and sell the posts which we recommend to our customers, but the shipping prices on getting the post to you is unbelievably high! However, we want sign installation to be as easy as possible, so call our team and we are more than happy to give you tips on where to buy your posts and how big you may need them.

Q. How will my products by shipped to me?


Our standard shipping method is UPS ground, and we deliver to your home or office. We are constantly monitoring shipping prices in order to get your signs to you at the cheapest rates, which means on large signs like these, we also have truck shipping available. But don’t worry, your signs will still arrive on time and you’ll love them!

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Total TBD

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