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Handsanitizers View Product

Kill germs and earn a vote with a single product!

The most popular item since sliced bread - Hand Sanitizers are safe and kill 99.9% of germs!


Our No Rinse Hospital Grade Formula contains 62% Alcohol and fits with ease in a bag or pocket.

Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mugs View Product

Get 'em while they're Hot!.. Don't worry we ship them cool, and nicely packed.

11 oz. White Ceramic Mugs are classic and printed with vibrant colors that won't fade with washing! Dishwasher safe too!


Drop a dozen of your personalized campaign mugs off at the local dinner, and relish in the fact that whenever a cup of piping hot coffee is served, it will be done in your mug!

Victory Garden Seeds

Victory Garden Seeds View Product

Mother Nature Approved. Voter tested. Everyone loves seed packets!

Victory Seeds - Sprouting a winning campaign.


Plant your seed to victory with our custom campaign seeds!

Mouse Pads

Mouse Pads View Product

The newest concept in Rodent Housing - Kidding!

Get your name in the homes and offices of your voters - and keep it there!


Our custom campaign mouse pads are non-skid 1/8" thick polyester covered rubber, and provide comfort to it's user. 

Pocket Mirrors

Pocket Mirrors View Product

Get the Beauty Shops talking politics with personalized Pocket Mirrors!

Our classic campaign button design, but with a twist! Durable 2.25" Mirror inset into a button base.


We offer high quality, vibrant color pocket campaign mirrors at an amazing price! Get them before your competition does! 

Grocery Totes

Grocery Totes View Product

The 21st Century Grocery Bag!

Our Reusable Grocery Totes are made from Eco-Friendly fabric!


Deep gusset and a removable bottom make these totes washable and large enough to carry big and heavy loads.

Jar Openers

Jar Openers View Product

4" Round Rubber Mat Grippers

Get a grip on your campaign, with inexpensive, fun and interesting give-aways that people will use!


Jar Openers are a practical and useful item that voters will keep and use around their homes! 

Printed Wrist Bands

Printed Wrist Bands View Product

Screen Printed Silicone Bracelets

Stretchable, reusable, rubber band bracelets! They are all the rage with every age group and can now be part of your campaign!


Our printed wristbands come in a variety of colors and you can customized yours with campaign slogans, your name or a special date in your specific color.

Emery Boards

Emery Boards View Product

Nail Files that have political aspirations!

Political Emery Boards are great for leaving in your local beauty shop or just to hand out at events.


Fun political images are printed on each emery board at no extra cost to you - we offer images that consist of Stars & Stripes, Flag & Capitol Building, Donkey and Elephant!

Chip Clips

Chip Clips View Product

Bag Clips, Potato-Chip Clips, Bag Preservers...

Preserve your image... and your voters positive opinion of you with a fun and creative campaign give-away!


Bag clips, Chip clips, Bag Preserves - Many names, but the same great use. Bag Clips are an amazing way to put your name in front of voters!

Book Marks

Book Marks View Product

Glossy finish book marks with FULL color art!

Mark your spot in the minds of voters with personalized Book Marks!


An inexpensive and fun item for voters and their families. Book Marks are ideal for school functions or for any candidate concerned about education.

Kitchen Sponges

Kitchen Sponges View Product

Expands with Water - Color stays with use!

Clean up the competition with custom kitchen sponges.


Made from real sea sponge and 100% biodegradable! Everyone will have fun watching these sponges grow when water is added.

Power Clips

Power Clips View Product

Paper Clamp with a Magnetic Back!

Great for around the office or in the house! The magnetic back makes them very universal in their uses!


A fun new door item - Place your campaign literature into the clip portion and then use the magnetic back to adhere the clip to your constituents door. You were just able to provide them with two items that promote YOU!