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Dresser Combs

Dresser Combs View Product

Plastic combs with designer imprinting.

7" Plastic Comb that fits comfortably in a pocket or in a medicine cabinet!


Four standard base colors provide the perfect pallet for your name to be imprinted with white or gold ink!

Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mugs View Product

Get 'em while they're Hot!.. Don't worry we ship them cool, and nicely packed.

11 oz. White Ceramic Mugs are classic and printed with vibrant colors that won't fade with washing! Dishwasher safe too!


Drop a dozen of your personalized campaign mugs off at the local dinner, and relish in the fact that whenever a cup of piping hot coffee is served, it will be done in your mug!

Golf Tees

View Product

If you're looking for apparel, you're looking at the wrong tees!

It's Tee-Time somewhere! You should be part of it!


Custom golf tees are a fun and memorable give-away that are durable and will get their use out of 'em!

Mouse Pads

Mouse Pads View Product

The newest concept in Rodent Housing - Kidding!

Get your name in the homes and offices of your voters - and keep it there!


Our custom campaign mouse pads are non-skid 1/8" thick polyester covered rubber, and provide comfort to it's user. 

Drink Coozies

Drink Coozies View Product

Refreshment Garments are this seasons "Coolest" item!

Everyone loves and uses Drink Coozies!   


Have a spring, summer or fall campaign in the works? Have campaign give-aways that your voters will truly enjoy! 

Debossed Wrist Bands

View Product

"Live Strong" Style Silicone Bracelets

Think "Lance Armstrong" bracelets. Debossed silicone wrist bands are the newest thing in fashion and political advertising.


On color debossed bracelets are popular with all ages of voters and are a great way of getting your name spread around town!


Flyswatters View Product

Combat your Opposition.. and some other critters!

Great for campaigns that extend across the summer months. 


Flyswatters are an interesting way to promote the candidate! They may seem like an unlikely piece of campaign memorabilia, but you'll be reordering them after your first event! 

Wooden Nickel

Wooden Nickel View Product

A nickel isn't worth what it used to be... It's much more valuable!

Grandpa's campaign favorite is back!


Wooden Nickels are a great way to remind people to vote for you, and can easily be carried all the way into the voting booth in your pocket!

Letter Opener

Letter Opener View Product

Compact Plastic Encased Envelope Opener with a Metal Blade.

Your personalized campaign letter openers will find a home in any voter's house or office.


Few things in life are a sure thing like getting mail Monday through Saturday - Why shouldn't your campaign memorabilia be used that often too?

Power Clips

Power Clips View Product

Paper Clamp with a Magnetic Back!

Great for around the office or in the house! The magnetic back makes them very universal in their uses!


A fun new door item - Place your campaign literature into the clip portion and then use the magnetic back to adhere the clip to your constituents door. You were just able to provide them with two items that promote YOU!