Give-Aways for Kids

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Wooden Rulers

Wooden Rulers View Product

When ever inch matters, give 'em 12" Rulers!

Screen Printed Wooden Rulers


Make great give-aways and are a guarantee to stay in the homes of voters for the life of the product!

Candy Suckers

Candy Suckers View Product

Flavored lolly pops. Flavors represented by the Delicious Colors!

Delicious Flavors, Fun Colors, and Your Name printed on every sucker stem!


Most candidates toss out candy at parades - Don't stop this tradition, enhance it! Have custom candy.

Beach Balls

Beach Balls View Product

It's summer somewhere in the world - Have a ball!

Toss around an outdoor or poolside event - Even more fun to throw personalized beach balls into the crowd at a parade!


Six Panel, multi colored beach balls are 16 inches and can be imprinted with your name and campaign logo, for extra summer fun!


Frisbees View Product

Help soar your campaign to a victory... and have some fun while you do it!

Our large diameter 9" frisbee will be a hit at any spring and summer campaign function!


Durable plastic rounds out a great design and the perfect surface space to imprint your name and campaign logo on these custom flyers!


Balloons View Product

11" Latex Balloons - Great for Events. Kids of all ages Love them!

Our balloons offer 6-18 hours of float time and hold up to .5 cubic feet of helium!


Balloons make wonderful additions to parades, events and rallies! Why not have your name and logo printed on them for others to enjoy?

Debossed Wrist Bands

View Product

"Live Strong" Style Silicone Bracelets

Think "Lance Armstrong" bracelets. Debossed silicone wrist bands are the newest thing in fashion and political advertising.


On color debossed bracelets are popular with all ages of voters and are a great way of getting your name spread around town!

Printed Wrist Bands

Printed Wrist Bands View Product

Screen Printed Silicone Bracelets

Stretchable, reusable, rubber band bracelets! They are all the rage with every age group and can now be part of your campaign!


Our printed wristbands come in a variety of colors and you can customized yours with campaign slogans, your name or a special date in your specific color.

Book Marks

Book Marks View Product

Glossy finish book marks with FULL color art!

Mark your spot in the minds of voters with personalized Book Marks!


An inexpensive and fun item for voters and their families. Book Marks are ideal for school functions or for any candidate concerned about education.

Plastic Rulers

View Product

Success measured in Inches, Not miles!

Plastic Rulers are great give-aways for everyone your campaign makes contact with. Children, mothers, fathers, students, you name it!


Plastic rulers with a white glossy finish make our rulers high quality and durable for the entire life of the product.