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Wire Frames - Item #01-01600

OUR signs are priced &
shipped with wire frames!
Order from another vendor and weren't told frames are sold separately through them? Don't worry - We have you covered! 
Heavy Duty, high-tensity, spring steel wire frames are made from 90% recycled waste and designed for quick and easy posting of your political signs.
We offer a variety of sizes and designs. Don't see what you need - give our sales team a call a we'll help you out!
Remember, when ordering from other vendors - Be aware they DO NOT tell you about the additional wire frame charges! There is nothing worse than receiving your sign order and not being able to install them. 
Our wire is standard in 5, 6, 7 and 9 Gauge. Styles and designs of the Frames include 'H' Stakes (made for the corrugated plastic signs) and 'U' Frames (made for Instant Installs and, Poly Bags, and Staple Around Signs).
Minimum quantity sold separately from our sign orders is 50. 

Product Specifications

Steel Wire
'H' Stakes/ 'U' Frames
Made from Recycled Material
Wire Gauge Size
5, 6, 7, 9
Select Your Style
Quantity 50
Wire Frames $1.35
Quantity 50
Wire Frames -
Quantity 50
Wire Frames -
Quantity 50
Wire Frames -
Quantity 50
Wire Frames -

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I order from CandidateSigns.com if I'm not running for office?

A.Yes. Wire frames are useful for real estate signs, directional signs and school activity signs just to name a few. In any case, if you need a wire frame, we are your guys (and gals). If you don't see a size or shape that you need, please call our team and see how we can help!

Q. If I am ordering my signs with CandidateSigns.com, do I need to also order wire frames?


With our Instant Install Yard Signs, Poly Bag Signs, Corrugated and Staple Around Yard Signs, the wire frames are included in their listing prices! 
Signs that require wooden ground stakes and metal fence posting, we do not sell those items on our website. These posts can be found at any hardware store.
We have found that shipping charges on these items, make them too expensive and an unneeded cost to our customers. 

Q. Do wire frames only come in 50 quantity?

A.We found that the best and most cost effective way of shipping signs is boxes of 50 wire frames. Any more, we risk damaging the frames and packing materials, as well as having incredibly high up charges through our shipping agent.  

Q. How will my products by shipped to me?

A.Our standard shipping method is UPS ground. We can ship to your house or office locations.

Shipping TBD
Total TBD

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