Parade Supplies

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Rally Rollers

Rally Rollers View Product

Collapsible Cheering Banners!

Hand held personalized banners that roll down for easy transportation and storage.


Rally Rollers are a new generation item in the world of political campaign items. The are fun to use and get tons of attention! Slightly pull the handles apart & let the Cheering begin!

Plastic Square Hand Fans

Plastic Square Hand Fans View Product

Die-Cut Corrugated Hands Fans - 1 sided, Great Color!

Keep your voters cool when the political season heats up! 


Plastic Hand Fans cut from durable plastic corrugated material - Durable and Useful!

Plastic Paddle Hand Fans

Plastic Paddle Hand Fans View Product

Tall, Lean Campaign Paddle - Helps your voters stand out!

All weather Paddles are great for events are rallies where you want to stick out above others!


Durable and long lasting - Our 23" Tall, skyscraper paddle, make fun hand fans and provide even better rally support visibility!

Campaign Posters

View Product

Ideal for store fronts and apartment dwelling voters!

Campaign Posters - Durable and look great no matter where you decide to hang them! 


Campaign Posters are ideal from store front windows and supporters that may not have the traditional front yard to host a campaign yard sign.

Baseball Caps

Baseball Caps View Product

One Size Fits All Ball Caps!

On Size Fits All Baseball Caps are perfect for campaigns, rallies, parades and all types of events!


Personalized baseball caps will set you apart from the other candidates that don't know what it takes to be in the big leagues! 


Bam-Bams View Product

Create Excitement & Attention with these Inflatable Noisemakers!

Lets get loud! And don't worry everyone will know it's you!


When clapped together our bam-bams are thunderous and great for rallies and parades, where you want to be the center of attention!

American Flags

American Flags View Product

Old Glory

Republican, Democratic, Independent - It doesn't matter! Every campaign can use patriotism.


Variety of sizes are offered in American Flags. Have your campaign logo and name printed on the staff of any! Great item to have at  parades and events! Plus they are reusable. 

Water Bottles

Water Bottles View Product

Plastic 16.9 oz. bottles of water - Filled with Purified or Natural Spring H2O!

Stock your campaign office and outdoor events with personalized 16.9 oz. water bottles!


Large quantities at great prices make it extremely affordable for just about any campaign to have custom campaign water bottles - Print your logo and name on the label!

Beach Balls

Beach Balls View Product

It's summer somewhere in the world - Have a ball!

Toss around an outdoor or poolside event - Even more fun to throw personalized beach balls into the crowd at a parade!


Six Panel, multi colored beach balls are 16 inches and can be imprinted with your name and campaign logo, for extra summer fun!

Candy Suckers

Candy Suckers View Product

Flavored lolly pops. Flavors represented by the Delicious Colors!

Delicious Flavors, Fun Colors, and Your Name printed on every sucker stem!


Most candidates toss out candy at parades - Don't stop this tradition, enhance it! Have custom candy.

Paper Round Hand Fans

Paper Round Hand Fans View Product

Because a sweaty voter is not a happy voter!

It's getting Hot Hot Hot!... Let's cool your voters down.


Personalized campaign hand fans were made popular again across with nation in the last presidential campaign. 

Paper Square Hand Fans

Paper Square Hand Fans View Product

Your wife is Hot!... Give her a hand fan to cool off!

Get the air moving with your personalized campaign hand fans!


Custom campaign hand fans are assembled with industrial strength glue here, and come ready to use when you receive them! 


T-Shirts View Product

100% Cotton - Beefy Hanes T's!

Help professionalize your volunteer and community outreach operations with specialized campaign t-shirts.


Custom printed campaign T-shirts are loved by everyone! Volunteers and voters will love your campaign gear.

#1 Foam Hands

#1 Foam Hands View Product

High Density Foam Hands with a Political Message!

Not just for sporting events anymore! Foam hands have found a home in the political arena. 


The #1 Foam Hands are very popular and can be integrated into any campaign. Logos and names can be printed in the palm on along the finger section of the hand.

Victory Foam Hands

Victory Foam Hands View Product

Attention Candidates that wanna blow the competition away!

Two finger foam hands that send a huge message!


Victory Hands are also considered to be Peace Hands. Tell your supporters that you are the victorious candidate in this race!  

4 More Years Foam Hands

4 More Years Foam Hands View Product

Product Endorsed by "Incumbents with Attitude Campaign for Re-Election!"

Energize your base and intimidate your opposition with an event campaign product they are sure not to have!


Advertise in your re-election that you plan on have Four More Years in your term in office! This large four finger foam hand has plenty of room for a campaign logo and name to be printed in the palm area. 

Lapel Stickers

Lapel Stickers View Product

Glossy Stickers that identify your voters!

Political Campaign Lapel Stickers are perfect for voters to wear at campaign events, parades and rallies!


Help identify your volunteers when they go door to door with lapel stickers - great prices and even better quality!


View Product

Full Color Banners at Unbelievable Prices!

No parade is ever complete for a candidate without their own banner! Also easily hung outside or in a campaign office for a big effect!


Vibrant color, High Quality, Water Proof Banners in a variety of sizes, but always Full Color Digital Printing with a mat finish.