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Instant Install Yard Signs - Item #01-10001

Instant Install Yard Sign are the best and most affordable option for effectively reaching your local voters.  Candidates who want to take full advantage of every gaining name recognition know to go where voters live, work and shop.  Our campaign signs will give you exposure 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout your entire political campaign.
Our political yard signs hang on a frame of 6 gauge wire wicket and will attract voters' attention with your colorful name, the office you're running for and eye-catching graphic or slogan printed front-and-center where it's impossible to ignore.
Candidates running for office will save time and money with our 18 point poly-coated milk-carton thick poster board campaign signs with your custom campaign logo printed in one, two, or three, colors or using full color.  Each two-sided 16" by 26" weatherproof yard sign is folded in half and then sealed along the sides to create a three-sided envelope that's open across the bottom of the sign.
All you have to do to set up your yard sign is put the wire wicket in the ground, and then slide the sign onto the wire wicket.  Yes, that's why we call them Instant Install Yard Signs!  Your yard sign campaign is instantly set in motion without stapling or other back-breaking work involved.
We're green—and red, white, and blue!  Our Instant Install Yard Signs are union made in the USA and crafted from 90% recycled post-consumer material, unless otherwise specified.  They will carry our union bug (unless otherwise requested) and will stand strong during your entire campaign or we'll cheerfully replace them - guaranteed!
100% American Made and carry our union label unless otherwise requested.
Remember: our Instant Install Yard Signs always include the wire frames!

Product Specifications

No. of Sides
2 (two)
18 PT
16" x 26" & 21" x 34.5"
1 to Full
Print Method
Screen or Digital
Base Color
Imprint Area Size
Less than 1" from Edge
Production Time
5 Days
Rush Available
Wire Frame Included
Union Label
Select Your Style
Quantity 50 100 250 500 750 1,000 1,500 2,000
1 Color $9.01 $6.34 $4.18 $3.30 $2.84 $2.69 $2.27 $1.88
2 Color $13.11 $8.49 $5.42 $3.95 $3.29 $3.06 $2.56 $2.11
Full Color - - $10.91 $7.30 $6.08 $5.71 $4.97 $4.60
Quantity 50 100 250 500 750 1,000 1,500 2,000
1 Color $17.61 $12.04 $7.84 $5.86 $5.10 $4.70 $3.85 $3.32
2 Color $26.81 $17.33 $10.48 $7.39 $6.24 $5.63 $4.52 $3.86
Full Color - - $23.29 $14.80 $12.28 $11.37 $9.76 $9.13

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I order from if I'm not running for office?


Yes. We sell to everyone. Our business has been around and in the political world for over 50 years! But if you love our printing and want to order it for your business, we do corporate work too. Our history in political jobs has allowed us to set our prices at the lowest possible, and those prices apply to business print jobs as well!

Q. How do I know if this is the best sign for my campaign?

A.Instant Install Yard Signs are our solution to the perfect yard sign! They are great for any campaign, from School Board to Congress - these signs are easy for volunteers to install and are durable enough to survive the seasons.

Q. What is Screen Printing?


Screen Printing is the process in which we take your campaign artwork and through a chemical and light process, we burn that image onto a screen. Ink is then pressed through microscopic holes in the screen onto the substrate. From there the ink is allowed to dry.

Q. What is Digital Printing?


Digital Printing is used on our Full Color option for some products. It is more pixelized and precise with images. This is the same concept of a home or office digital printer, but ours are the size of a small bus!

We can use digital printing to do full color printing, which includes digital photos of the candidate!

Q. What is the Union Label?


We are a Union Shop, and like all unions we are proud of the work we complete! A small "Union Bug" is printed in the right corner of our printed material that is produced (unless otherwise requested), but don't worry it won't be intrusive on your design. It identifies your signs as union made! 

Q. Do I need the Union Label on my signs?


Did you or the candidate you are order for receive Union Dollars in contributions? Does the candidate support or receive an endorsement by unions?


If yes, then we would recommend Yes, you should have it. It helps to show your support for the people that supported you.


But be aware! If a shop says they have a Union Label or Bug "Available," this usually means they are renting the Label and are not an actual Union Shop!

Q. Is the listed production time, when I will receive my signs at my house?


Unfortunately, No. The production time actually starts when we receive your approved artwork. Artwork is approved at your convenience - But the faster we get this, the faster you get signs! After approval, the production time begins. Most of the time we can beat or deadline, but we are never late! After production, you still have the standard ship/transport time - This will vary based on your location from us.

Q. Does the White poster board my signs are printed on considered one of the colors I pay for?


The white substrate is not one of the colors in your printing process. This means if you order a 1 Color Sign, you will receive a white sign with the color you choose printed over that. A 2 Color Sign will appear that it actually has three colors - Your two colors chosen and the white substrate.

Q. How many Yard Signs should I order?


You need to ask yourself 3 questions: 

1) How many registered voters live in my community? Remember people that are not registered to vote, probably won’t need a sign.

2) How many polling places will I need signs at on Election Day?

3) Will I be competing in both a Primary and General Election? If you order larger quantities of signs on the front end, to cover the entire race, then the price per sign is dramatically decreased!


Most campaigns for races such as State Legislature, School Board and other community boards, typically order quantities of 250 or more. City and County district races usually order 500 or more. And, City wide and State wide are almost always 1,000+.


Still not sure? Don’t worry. Call our sales team and they can help you decide!

Q. Are these Yard Signs reusable?


Definitely! If your volunteers are good to your signs, then they can be used at all your events and places.

But remember, these signs are weather resistant, but not indestructible. Hail and dangerous winds may eradicate a few along the way.

No matter what sign you choose though, more signs will be lost to vandals and the opposition during your race, than will ever be lost to weather damage!

Q. Do my Yard Signs come assembled?


No. Signs do not come assembled. Shipping the signs apart from the wire frames has two purposes. First, it cuts down on the shipping prices by being able to condense the signs and wire frames into few boxes. And second, it prevents the signs from getting damaged.

Instant Install Signs are exactly what they sound like though! Just place the wire ‘U’ frame into the ground and slide your signs over the frame. They are that simple!

Q. How will my products by shipped to me?


Our standard shipping method is UPS ground, and we deliver to your home or office. Depending upon the size of your signs, they will come 100-250 pieces per box. With signs that ship with stakes or frames, they are packaged and shipped separately in order not to damage the printed product.

Shipping TBD
Total TBD

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