How to Assemble Fold Over Yard Signs

When creating a political campaign sign strategy, it is important to consider using campaign signs that are flexible as well as durable.  You will want to ensure your signs hold up to bad weather conditions, the colors are sun resistant and that they will look great when assembled.

Fold-over yard signs are easy to assemble, sturdy and are weather resistant.  They are a great addition to any campaign and are a strategic tool that can be used to help influence a contender’ s success of winning an election.

By implementing fold-over yard signs, you can ensure that your supporters can easily set up your campaign lawn signs with ease.  The signs fold over so your message is easily displayed on both sides, giving you twice as much value for your money.

Fold over yard signs are easy to assemble and display.  When you order your signs, your design will be imprinted on both sides of the fold.  The card stock is durable so you don’ t have to worry about designs “ bleeding” or showing through to the other side.  Also, the folds of the campaign signs are scored to make it very easy to crease and assemble.  You simply fold the yard sign over the frame and then staple them together with a heavy-duty stapler.  You may opt for glue to seal the flaps together.

It’ s important to make certain that you purchase plenty of fold-over yard signs when you place your initial order.  This is much more cost effective than ordering additional signs at a later date.  Using fold-over yard signs is a great way to ensure you have a successful yard sign campaign.