Our Refund Policy

Refund of a received order: If a refund is requested and approved, it is at our sole discretion to either reverse the charge to the purchaser or offer an in-store credit for a portion or full amount on a future purchase.   Credits will be automatically available for use.   Refunds will either be done to the original credit card used as a credit card reversal of funds or a check sent through the United States Postal Service.   Any credit will be processed within 10 business days of notification of the purchaser a refund will be issued.
Refund of an order in production: Refunds regarding items in production will only be considered if less than 25% of the order has been processed.   In these cases, an art fee, screen charge, ink fee and production time may be assessed to the purchaser before a partial refund is made. 
Refunds or credits are only offered when products or not produced according to the specifications that were agreed upon between the purchaser and the sales representative.
If you have questions concerning items that you have received, please feel free to contact your initial sales representative at 1-833-437-4467.