Standard Screen Printing Colors & PMS Matching

Color carries a different weight with each person.  Some people call and ask for "blue, whatever you got, its fine," and other people want a specific PMS color they've worked hard to determine with their artist.  Therefore, we offer several options when it comes to color.

It's important to remember screen printed, offset, digital, flexographic, imprint and sublimation processed all use different inks.  Your signs will likely be screen printed, your postcards and brochures will be offset printed and your pens will be imprinted. 
While the printing industry has perfected many processes, color can still vary between product, runs, methods and ink types.  Therefore, it's important to remember that while we'll work our hardest to make your colors similar, we cannot guarantee a perfect match on any product, color or run.

Standard Ink Colors & Ink Color Matching

We offer 25 standard ink colors at no charge for products using screen printed, imprinted and flexographic methods.  Most products start with a base color (usually white) which is not included in color count.   The means there's no charge for white as a color.   Example, a sign printed on white poster board with red ink is a one color job.  There's no color match charge to use one of the standard screen printing colors shown below.

We also offer PMS colors matching at $60.00 per item, per color.  Exact color match cannot be guaranteed.  If you'd like a PMS color match, please provide the PMS number upon placing your order.

Our full color printing utilizes the offset process.  Literature like postcards and door hangers are always printed in full color.  While some printers still print 1 or 2 color jobs, we only offer all political campaign literature printing in full color.  In today's world, people expect campaign literature to be full color.

Remember, these are close representations.  Due to the vast difference in computer monitors, you may not be seeing the true color.
Art specification are important.   Please review our political campaign graphics specifications to insure we print what you're expecting.