What's a Union Label?

A union label is a small mark displayed on items identifying the product was produced by dues-paying members of a labor union. Sometimes the union label is called a "bug" because of its small, appearance.

The Union label became grew in popularity in the printing industry as it expanded and became more organized. A union label is printed with the artwork (it's not an extra step) and shows the products were made by union laborers. A non-union shop cannot print any union label. This allows customers to know if the products are union-made or not.
Non-union shops sometimes advertise "Union Label Available" which means they are not a union shop and have no labor contract with their employees. A union shop has less turnover, more defined rolls and typically, more skilled labor.
We ALWAYS print the union label on your political campaign signs, unless you specifically ask for its omission. (We're not offended if you don't want it - so just speak up if it's not something you would like left off your campaign sign.) If you're supported by working families, you'll want the  union label on your campaign signs.
Typically, political campaigns should include a union label on their campaign supplies and lawn sign, but if the political product is too small, the union label cannot be included. For instance political campaign supplies like emery boards, chip clips, rulers and pens all used as political giveaways are not good candidates for having the union label printed on them. 
When we place our union label on our campaign yard signs, we typically put it on the bottom right of the campaign sign. Then, to the left of the bug, we put your PAID FOR line. If you don't know the sign laws in your state, be sure to read them here on our  state by state yard sign laws  page, which include the sign laws for political materials, disclaimers and other important rules for what need a paid for by line and what doesn't.
If you need a union printer, you should choose a political printer who's union is a member of the  AFL-CIO  ,  the governing body of labor unions. This way you can be assured you'll be working with people who are the best at what they do.
If you have more questions about the union label, please don't hesitate to call  www.CandidateSigns.com  customer services at  1-833-437-4467.