How to Get More Political Yard Signs On Busy Streets

If you're running a good yard sign program, you’ ll undoubtedly want to place as many campaign signs as you can on busy streets.

The first rule of thumb is that you never want to place your election yard signs in an area that is restricted by local zoning laws.  Since all areas have different rules and regulations, you should first contact your local county or city clerk’ s office and inquire about your local zoning regulations.  Some of the information that you will need to know is where you can place your campaign signs, as well as when you must remove them.  This information may also be available from your local election officials.  Once you find out where you can place your campaign yard signs, you’ ll then want to target busy streets, to ensure that as many voters see your signs as possible.

You’ ll find that your opposition may have no ethics when it comes to placing signs in areas that are hazardous to drivers.  This includes highways, places where the signs will distract drivers and places where a sign blocks visibility.  Such candidates have low regard for the environment and run the risk of turning off discerning voters.  Never follow these practices, there are plenty of tactics that you can use to reach commuters in a safe and legal way that will impact your election.  Anyway, campaigns that put signs up illegally show that they truly don’ t have the people’ s best interests at heart, so you can begin your race by placing your campaign signs in safe and legal places, and let the public know that you are a candidate with integrity.

Campaign Sign Rule #1: NEVER, ever place your campaign signs in illegal locations or on private property without express consent of the owner.

Using a map that designates the highest trafficked areas is the best way to place your signs on busy streets.  If you don’ t have access to the best locations you’ d like, talk to residential owners who are adjacent to the street.  Also, consider targeting houses or businesses that are located adjacent to schools or other buildings that serve as polling places on Election Day.

The best way to place your signs on homeowner’ s property is to talk with them and gain their support.  Even if they don’ t take a sign, you may win their votes as a result of your effort.  In addition, commercial areas are often good locations for campaign signs, so be sure to get plenty of your political yard signs adjacent to busy streets, or on commercial property where you have permission.