Campaign Signs Cost & Efficiency

Most people do not understand the true purpose of yard signs. Hence, it’ s easy to fall into the information overload trap when creating your yard sign. First, recognize the primary benefits of using a yard sign, which include name recognition and credibility. Even in the primaries, it’ s a proven fact that the majority of people will vote for the person whose name they recognize most.

When it comes to purchasing yard signs, spend your money wisely. It’ s better to use the money you save to purchase more or better quality signs. Consider if you’ re going run again, even if you lose.

If you need more than a few thousand signs, you most likely will not be getting them back post-election. For this size order, plastic bag signs may suit your needs. Plastic signs are more susceptible to wind damage than other types of signs, and are more likely to wrinkle and be less readable. For this reason, it’ s generally not worth spending money on plastic signs in small quantities but rather in large quantities. There is a vast price difference, and plastic signs are easily replaceable.

Regardless of the sign style you choose or how you have your sign printed, one fact is true… You will not find a more cost effective way to build recognition and credibility than with a fabulous yard sign.