The Effective Design: Political Sign

When you are running a campaign, you will need to choose the best design for your political signs. 

You want to ensure that the color, layout and wording that you use best represents your campaign and gets your message to your target audience.  There are many elements to consider when choosing the best design and layout for your campaign sign.  By carefully mapping out each element, you can make certain that your signs will accomplish their purpose and get noticed.

First, you will need to determine what type of yard sign is best for your campaign.  This includes choosing the material that you would like to use for the construction of your political sign.  Budget will play a factor, but you should also consider factors such as weather conditions, if you are planning on reusing the campaign signs, and how long the yard signs will be placed outside.  You will also need to choose between printing on one or both sides of your signs.

You should also consider how long your name is when creating an effective yard sign.  You must make sure that your name makes a statement, as your last name is the most important element of your sign. 

You will also need to decide if you are going to include your first name on the political sign.  If your name is uncommon, chances are you will not need to add your first name.  However, if your name is not easily recognizable or is common, adding your first name is a good idea.  It will help create name recognition among voters.

Also, you don’ t have to use the same type of font or lettering for both first and last names.  This is a great way to ensure that your last name is the key element of the campaign sign.    Remember that people will be driving past your campaign signs, so you’ ll only have their attention for a split-second.  By choosing your design elements carefully, you can be certain that your campaign signs will get noticed and make an impression.