What Should I Include on my Campaign Signs?

Creating campaign signs is an important aspect of your overall strategy.  If you want to ensure that your political campaign signs accomplish your goals, you will first need to establish the role and purpose of your campaign sign program.  Do you need name recognition, or are you trying to enforce other aspects of your campaign?

Many candidates know they will run a sign campaign, however, they often neglect to devise an organized plan that incorporates tools necessary to reach goals.  From determining what you will place on your signs to where you will place them, effective political sign campaigns begin with purpose and focus.

First, remember the basic purpose of a sign campaign is to increase your name recognition.  That’ s it, point blank.  You want people to see your signs, associate your name with the office that you are running for, and remember you on Election Day.  Placing political campaign signs in strategic areas serves two purposes.  First, you want to place your campaign signs in areas where you have support.  This ensures that your supporters will remember you on the ballot this election cycle.

Next, you’ ll want to place plenty of political yard signs in areas where you are leading in the polls.  Yard sign campaigns combined with door-to-door events can help rally your supporters and that helps get the vote out on Election Day.

The most important information you need to display on your yard signs is your name and the office that you are seeking.  Many candidates mistakenly believe they need to add additional information, but you don’ t.  In fact, if you put too much text on your campaign signs, your sign may lose its impact.  If you think there is an advantage to incumbency in your race, you may want to include the word “ re-elect.”

All you need to do is make sure that your name and the office you are running for is displayed in large visible text and in colors that contrast.  You should also consider the environment where the signs will be located when choosing colors.  For instance, if you are campaigning in New England in the winter, a white background on your sign will be lost in the scenery.  Instead, choose a bright color that stands out against the environment to ensure your sign is easily noticed.

Use large, easily read text for your sign lettering.  You may want to keep these basics in mind if you want to develop a single, consistent logo that will go on your signs and any literature you intend to mail or distribute door to door.  If you have one logo and color for your signs and a different logo and color for your door-to-door walk piece, you run the risk of confusing voters.

If you don’ t have a design for your sign or a campaign logo, consider some ideas on display here in our campaign sign design center.  Our graphic artists will help you develop a basic and effective design at no additional charge for your sign order.  If you already have a logo, we’ ll be happy to use that for your signs, again with no additional set-up or art charges.