7 Campaign Signs Quick Tips

Your yard sign program can seem like a daunting task. It’ s one of those areas where conventional thinking isn’ t always conventional. That’ s why it’ s important to plan your political yard sign program far in advance. Here are 7 important quick tips:

1. Recruit volunteers to manage the yard-sign program. Tasks include finding sign locations, installing and positioning signs on approved lawns and removing the signs after the election.

2. If you’ re campaigning in a fall election, put your yard signs up by Labor Day, or the earliest date allowed by ordinance or covenant in your community. In the months before Labor Day, the campaign should call everyone on your supporter list to ask if they would be willing to display your yard sign in their lawn. This number of willing supporters will give you an estimate of the number of signs you will need.

3. It’ s important to create at least 25 percent extra signs for the yards you will acquire along the yard sign placement. When you’ re walking door-to-door, you have a perfect opportunity to ask each person if they will take a sign. If you don't have the extra ones made and on hand, you can miss out on this huge opportunity. You may also need signs for polling places on Election Day. Make sure you have a reserve of signs for this purpose. Figure two to four signs per polling place location.

4. The best design for your yard sign is one that is easily read and compliments your other print collateral in design and color. When you’ re having your yard sign designed, have any other collateral (i.e. large signs for commercial locations e.g. 2’ X 4’ , 3’ X 5’ or 4’ X 8’ ) printed simultaneously.

5. Strive for a clean, simple design and utilize colors that attract attention (not over-the-top, however) that easily contrast against each other.

6. For sign construction, paper signs are cost effective, and the frames are sometimes reusable. It’ s also important to consider your climate. You want signs that withstand changing weather. If you use heavy paper signs, have them created on plastic-coated paper, which will help to resist the rain.

7. Vandalism is quite frequent during campaigns. Often, signs can be stolen right off the metal frame. Thieves come out at night, so have the yard-sign committee check on yard sign locations. You don't want to make homeowners angry at trashy signs… It can cost you votes!

8. Free Bonus Tip: The best locations for yard signs?… High-volume streets in your designated voting district. In a community block, corner yards are great real estate. Yards that are close to an elementary school where parents have to drive their children to school are valuable as well. Also, target homes or businesses located adjacent to Election Day polling places.