How Large Are Good Political Signs?

When running a yard sign campaign, it is important to pay close attention to design.  A very important aspect of design is the overall size of your campaign signs.  Choosing the size of your finished political yard signs is the first step in creating effective yard sign designs.

First, you will need to determine your budget, as this will play a factor in the size of signs you will choose.  Also, when considering the size of your yard sign, you will need to choose a size will stand out in your community.  For example, if you have a lot of rural areas in your election district, you may want to dedicate a portion of your yard sign budget to larger political signs.  On the other hand, you may go with standard size signs if they will mostly be used in residential yards or at polling places.

Remember, the key is making sure voters see your name.  If they are driving in a neighborhood, voters will see your name on smaller political signs.  If you want to put campaign signs along a rural highway, consider the distance between cars and your sign as well as the speed of passing traffic.   

In addition to your name, you will also need to display the office that you are running for prominently on your yard sign.  Make certain that your political sign can easily display your name, office you are running for and no more than one other item, perhaps a logo, short slogan, of the word “ re-elect” if you believe incumbency works in your favor.

At first you may feel that you need the largest political campaign signs possible to ensure that your signs stand apart from the other campaign signs, but this isn’ t necessarily true.  By using a creative and strategic combination of colors with your design, you can make certain that your political yard signs will stand apart from the rest and be noticed.  Use your color choices wisely and make sure that you pick colors that contrast from the rest of the field.  This will ensure that your sign is noticed no matter the size.