The Secrets of Success with Campaign Signs

Political yard signs can have a huge impact on your campaign and raise awareness. With political signs, your #1 goal is name recognition. The sign allows voters to see the candidate’ s name over and over and over again. By having your signs sprouting in many different places, the voters will have the impression that your campaign is receiving widespread support across the district. You are someone to know!

Most campaigns don’ t have a strategy for political yard signs. It’ s basically a free-for-all, sending volunteers out into the wild to place the signs wherever they can. Big mistake! This is where you should always beat your opponent. The success of your campaign is found in planning out a detailed yard sign strategy – where and when the signs should appear.

Money talks. Your campaign’ s financial situation will dictate how many signs you can purchase. Will you be able to dominate the district in signs, or will you only be able to afford a few dozen signs to last you through the entire campaign?

Timing is huge. In many communities, there are laws or covenants which govern yard signs and when they may be posted, so verify your campaign is acting in accordance with the law. With the exception of an important strategic or financial reason, yard signs should start going up as soon as legally possible. Building name recognition is difficult… You need all the time you can get.

To be most effective, your signs should be placed only in your district, and watch where you place them! Verify your signs are placed on major streets and close to high traffic areas in your district, and (unless you have an infinite amount of signs) place less signs in areas that you know you won’ t win. This will allow you to place more signs in the swing voter areas.

It’ s inevitable… Some of your signs will disappear. It’ s important to make sure that signs stay up in areas you have targeted. Have a plan to restock disappearing signs, especially in your key targeted areas.

Finally, stay organized with the people who put up your signs, and make sure your signs stay up! Have a team dedicated to investigate the district for sign locations. This team can also help your campaign look for supporters in targeted areas who will agree to place your signs on their lawns or in their windows.

Many communities have regulations limiting where signs can be placed. If you can’ t afford too many, only use them in prominent locations. Go door-to-door on high traffic streets and knock on doors to ask people if you can display your sign in their yard or window.