Building Your Campaign Team

If you are checking out, you may still be in the early stages of your campaign, and wondering how best to gather the troops and build your winning team.

When you run a yard sign campaign, you will need to enlist the services of those supporters who are not afraid of a little legwork.  Don’ t get discouraged if you face some small hurdles.  Many candidates find that they have difficulty summoning the troops and getting their campaign strategies up and running.   Following are some tips that will help ensure that your campaign team members are in gear and ready to hit the ground running.

First, you should make sure that you choose a campaign manager.  In major races, these professionals are well worth their paycheck.  In many local races where dollars are tight, volunteers often step up to this important role.  You may turn to a relative, friend, neighborhood leader, co-worker or a young political activist as you search for your best choice for a campaign manager. 

Whether you are placing campaign signs or organizing rallies, a campaign manager is a major player for all aspects of the campaign.  It is the manager’ s role to assist and support the candidate in a wide array of campaign activities.  The candidate’ s primary responsibility will be raising funds, meeting voters and talking to the media.  The campaign manager will be in charge of delegating tasks, implementing the strategy for the campaign, organizing door-to-door and yard sign campaigns, and may be the point person for contacting volunteers and helping manage the candidate’ s campaign schedule.  You should choose your campaign manager carefully, and be sure that he or she works well with you and can maintain your trust.

In addition to the campaign manager, you may want to make certain that your campaign team includes a volunteer coordinator.  Your campaign depends upon volunteers, and if the campaign manager has too many other tasks to handle, your volunteer program might suffer.

The volunteer coordinator will be in charge of recruiting volunteers and assigning tasks and duties.  The volunteer coordinator must be a person with ability to calm tensions and delegate authority.  Since volunteers are not professionals or trained at campaigning, they will respond best to a volunteer coordinator who is patient, speaks to them in a way they understand, causes volunteers to enjoy their experiences with your campaign, and has a teachable nature.  Volunteers are critical to all political yard sign campaigns, and the volunteer coordinator or a sign coordinator will ensure that this import