How to Recruit Volunteers for Your Winning Sign Campaign!

Your political campaign encompasses everything from placing political yard signs to knocking on doors and making phone calls.  Volunteers are key to ensuring that your campaign is a success.

Your campaign manager will be your direct contact person who will handle the organizational aspects of your campaign strategy.  The campaign manager will also be responsible for finding a suitable volunteer coordinator.  The volunteer coordinator will recruit volunteers to handle all aspects of your campaign.  On small campaigns, the manager and volunteer coordinator may both be unpaid supporters.    Choosing the right person to be the volunteer coordinator is an important move on the path to victory.

The most important quality that volunteers possess is commitment. If your volunteers are going to be loyal to your campaign and perform the tasks asked of them, they must first have a strong commitment to your cause.  Whether it is going door-to-door, making telephone calls, or placing political yard signs strategically throughout a neighborhood, volunteers must be committed.  The best place to begin your search for volunteers who will be committed and loyal to your effort is with friends and family members.

Friends and family of the candidate will be uniquely loyal and committed to your race, so you don’ t have to worry about other campaigns raiding your workforce.  If you need to find volunteers, begin by searching within your inner circle first.  When recruiting family members and friends, tell them how important this race is to you personally and give them an idea of how much time and resources you are personally investing to ensure a winning campaign.

Another quality volunteers must possess is passion.  It is understandable that family members and friends of the candidate will be passionate about the cause, but you will need more volunteers to carry out large tasks.  Placing political yard signs is an example of a task that requires a large number of volunteers.

In addition to family and friends, one place where you can find volunteers who may be passionate about you and your cause is your local college or high school.  Students who major in political science or are involved in a political youth organization make great volunteers for political campaigns.  Contact your state Young Democrats or Young Republicans to see if they have a chapter at a school in your community.  Treat these students with the same respect you treat campaign donors, and they’ ll come back time and again to aid your effort.  They will enjoy the experience, are sincere about your candidacy, and work hard.  By recruiting and assigning your volunteers according to the traits they possess, you can make sure that your campaign strategies will be successful.