When Should I Put Up My Campaign Signs?

When you are running a campaign that incorporates election yard signs, you will need to take the time to implement a strategy to ensure that your sign program is successful.  One of the most important questions you will need to address is when you should place your campaign signs. 

It is recommended that you put up your campaign signs between four to eight weeks before the primary or general election.  This will ensure that you have plenty of time for the community to view your campaign signs and to maximize your name recognition.  If you install too early, they may not have the as much impact. If you put campaign signs up too late, they may not be viewed by as many people as you need to win the election.  By staying with the four to eight week guidelines, you will have plenty of time to ensure that your campaign is effective.

In addition to determining the best strategic time to put up your campaign signs, you will also need to check your local election rules regarding when they can go in and when they should be removed as well.  It is imperative that you find out all of the rules and guidelines that are in place for your campaign.

Also, even though you meet the local rules regarding placement, some neighborhoods may have more strict covenants adopted by a homeowners’ association.  Often, your supporters in those neighborhoods will be aware of any specific restrictions.  Never violate any rules, laws or covenants.  They kind of behavior will only hurt you in the end.  It’ s not worth breaking the law and upsetting people for a few additional locations.  You’ re better off knocking on doors and meeting people personally in areas where you’ re not allowed to have your signs.

It’ s also important to realize that once you have established your locations and have yard signs placed you shouldn’ t neglect them.  By asking supporters or volunteers to check on locations regularly, you can make sure they stay up and in good repair. 

You’ ll also need to inquire with election officials about the placement at polling locations on Election Day.  If your election district allows for signs at polling places, don’ t get caught short of signs for that final push.  Make sure you have enough volunteers and efficient routes for placing polling places early on Election Day before the polls open.