Campaign Signs – Are they worth it?

Are the vacant lots in your neighborhood appearing a bit cluttered these days? Republicans… Democrats… the yard signs are everywhere. The one thing some of these signs have in common? They’ ve been uprooted!

It's possible that the signs have been simply knocked over by the wind (yeah, right) or more often, uprooted by opponents who have not been fighting fair! Regardless, the signs should not have been there in the first place - from a legal standpoint.

IMPORTANT: Our Rule: NEVER place a yard sign ANYWHERE unless you have express permission to place it there. It ’ s disrespectful, unfair and rude!!!

In most states, placing campaign signs on medians, traffic circles and other obvious roadway locations is illegal, but that doesn't stop some campaigns from doing it. Illegal yard signs placed on city property become an issue when they become hazards for drivers or when pedestrian safety might be compromised by obstructed views.

Most campaigns have a set amount of time after the election to take down signs in public places. In 1993, the Supreme Court ruled that setting time limits for how long campaign signs can remain posted after an election is unconstitutional. In the unanimous opinion, the court wrote that a city or county's concerns about aesthetics and traffic safety do not justify restricting political speech. However, if signs aren't removed in a timely manner, at some point they will most likely come to be viewed as litter.

But having to take down signs might not be such a steep price to pay for what experts say is a proven method of marketing. As our society has become more technologically savvy, citizens have become more skillful at blocking electronic messages.

While many conventional forms of advertising can be tossed in the trash, a constant flood of a candidate's name can be an effective way of reaching less-informed voters. Remember, you can easily filter out junk mail in your inbox and mailbox, but it’ s harder to ignore yard signs.