What is a Yard Sign Program?

If you are running a political campaign, you’ ll want to consider implementing a yard sign program.  A sign program consists of placing campaign signs in strategic locations.

One of the best benefits from planning a yard sign program is that you will promote your candidacy to countless voters, all for the cost of the investment in the signs.  There is a saying that states if you continually see a form of advertising, then you know that method is successful.  Political yard signs have been used for many years and continue to be one of the most popular forms of campaign advertisement due to the success attributed to good sign programs.

When you initiate a yard sign program, you will place election yard signs in strategic locations that will have significant impact on voters as they pass by. However, it is important to realize that since drivers must not have their concentration distracted, there are many rules and regulations that must be adhered to when placing signs.  Before you begin any yard sign program, you should check with your local government, and inquire about any placement rules and regulations that you must follow.  Your local or state election officials will have the information that you need to ensure you are aware of the rules you must follow when mapping out your yard sign locations.

In addition, you can place your election yard signs on commercial property.  If you can find homeowners who support you, place your election yard signs on their property.  It is very beneficial to a political campaign to have as many homeowners in a certain area demonstrate support for the campaign with yard signs.

Establishing a presence via signs has a dual purpose.  First, placing campaign signs in an area where you are in the lead is a great way to reinforce your name recognition, and targeting areas where you need more votes will help show that you are gaining support in those areas.  There is no doubt about it a good yard sign campaign is a vital tool for any election effort.