Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get a campaign logo? I don't have my sign designed yet.

A. We're a custom screen and print company, your paid sign order comes with a FREE custom campaign logo.  One of our talented artists will create a custom design for your sign, to your specifications, for you to use throughout your entire campaign.

Q. Will my products come with the Union Label?

A. Yes.  All political products come with AFL-CIO printed or imprinted, unless the item is too small to print the label on clearly.  All product listings denote if the item is not able to carry the Union Label.

Q. Do I have to have the Union Label printed on my materials?

A. Absolutely not.  Nothing requires you to have a Union Label on your items.  If you do not want the label, simple select "No" when placing your order.  You'll also be required to note the inclusion or omission of the Union Label on your Artwork Proof, which is required for your order to move into production.

Q. Will you work up some artwork and send it over so I can see it?

A. No.  We are not able to do "spec" artwork.  This called working on speculation, where a company will lay something out for you and then proof it to you before placing the order.  We guarantee our artwork and provide you a proof before we print.  Therefore you can have every confidence that we'll provide you with artwork you'll be happy with.

Q. Will I get to see a proof of my design before it goes to print?

A. Yes!  We'll NEVER print your order until we have a signed proof back from you with your express consent to print your order as displayed in the proof.  Period.

Q. How do I get my proof back to you?

A. You will either fax your proof to 1-888-744-1258, or scan and email it to your Campaign Consultant.  When we send you the proof, you'll read detailed instructions on how and why we need a proof back.

Q. Can I just hit you back with an email saying the proof looks good?

A. No.  Never.  You have to fax the proof to 1-888-744-1258 or scan and email it back to your Campaign Consultant.

Q. But I don't have a fax machine or a can I get you my proof?

A. Chances are good you know someone with a fax or a scanner.  Kindly ask them to let you borrow either for a moment and return the completed artwork approval.

Q. Are you sure you need the artwork approved and returned to you?

A. Yes.  We are very sure of this.  We cannot and will not proceed with your order until we've received a fax or scanned copy of the attached proof with your signature, initials and date, along with the Union Label indication.  We do not make exceptions to this rule.

Q. Why are you people so crazy about getting a signed proof for my order?

A. Because we want to print your order correctly the first time, every time.  And, we know what we're doing.  Just return the proof; you'll make it a better world if you do.

Q. Can I order by phone? I don't want to place my order through the website.

A. Yes.  Just call 1-800-744-6717 and say you want to place an order.  Our receptionist will ask you for a few pieces of information, and then transfer you to a Campaign Consultant.